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At the centre of every design challenge is a human relationship

As a research lab we have added to the best in social science research with empirical research and testing to understand the commercial and social value in focusing in detail on the interactions between people in the design process, and crucially, how to do it.


Now, our multidisciplinary design team apply this learning to service, organisation and culture design.


We’ve launched and landed successful startups, created impactful digital services, developed peer learning programmes and have taught at the world’s best design schools.

What we do

We love tackling culture, service design and training problems. Here are three of the ways we might help you:

01 Culture


We support organisations large and small to harness the power of human connection internally. From half day workshops to extended programmes, we can work with you to shift your internal culture with processes and behaviours that result in streamlined workflows, higher quality outputs and happier more fulfilled people. 


With demonstrated buy-in from leadership, we work team by team and leave our clients with ongoing metrics of success, a roadmap for future development and team members confident to lead on it.

02 Service


From understanding your user needs, to forming strategic direction with start-ups, to developing new digital services, we provide end-to-end service design, taking a human centred, agile approach.


We leave our clients with demonstrable improvements in service delivery and outcomes for people - both team members and the people you serve - alongside a detailed resource for future teams to refer back to and recommendations for further refinement.

03 Relational  Coaching

We train charities, designers and whole agencies in our approach and the craft of relational design.


We’ve found that sharing in this way only brings us good things.


We do this by:


  • Joining teams on design challenges at key points in the process

  • Bringing in guests to our team on certain projects to learn experiencially

  • Providing 1:1 coaching sessions

Interested in working together?

We'd love to chat.

Our team

We are equal human beings, collaborating to make the world a little bit better, every time we work together. 


As we co-create with you we bring our focused attention to meeting your needs, in the best ways we can. We’re accountable to ourselves and to you and we bring just the right amount of our whole selves to our working relationships.


Holly May Mahoney

Holly is a Service Designer and Design Thinking advocate with a diverse practice spanning the private and public sectors.


With Service Design training from the RCA in London, Holly became a Teaching Fellow at Stanford's


She went on to be the Design Lead at David Kester & Associates as well as leading design coaching and training at the Design Thinkers Academy, London.


Matthew McStravick

Matt founded Echo, Sharing Economy UK and was Head of Culture and Interaction Design at the Centre for Social Technology.

He's our lead designer and facilitator with strong experience in designing innovative, resilient services and facilitating change with clients such as the TUC, Google and Barnardo’s.  Matt is an accredited coach and has supported national charities at C-suite level in developing strategies and cultures.


Zahra Davidson

Zahra’s background spans service design, sustainability and visual communication. She is Co-founder and Director of Enrol Yourself, a social business redesigning lifelong learning through the power of peer groups.


She is most fascinated by the intersection between design and learning, by participatory group experiences and the role of learning in reaching for sustainability. She is a trained coach and co-organiser of the #LXDmeetup.


Rebecca Birch

Rebecca is a social designer and former youth worker.


She led the service design practice at Girlguiding and has worked as a consultant for banks, startups and  large charities who want to work in new ways.


She is prone to a gardening metaphor and spends most of her free time exploring her local Epping Forest and other wild green places.


Stephanie Hall

Stephanie’s experience spans launching ventures, startup operations & designing and implementing systems.


She enjoys enabling people, whether as a performance coach, or coaching rowing on the river.


Her background is Experimental Psychology (BA, MSc, U.o.Oxford), and when not working, she’s usually writing, thinking about new projects, or taking pictures.


Ellie Osborne

Ellie is a facilitator, designer, researcher and coach. Her career was forged at The Future Laboratory where she spent 5 years using ethnographic research, trends and foresight to help international organisations across a multitude of sectors.

Her current work blends systems thinking, innovation, facilitation, design, insight and ethnography


Emily Bazalgette

Emily helps purpose-driven people and teams to be intentional about how they work and develop, through organisational design, strategy, facilitation and coaching. She works with charities and social enterprises, funders and governments, supporting them to organise around collective purpose. Emily brings nearly 15 years of experience in supporting people to collaborate in nourishing ways, working towards equitable, adaptive, regenerative organisations


Gemma Drake

Gemma is a systems thinker expert, designer and coach.


With over 13 years supporting communities and organisations to make sense of complexity, she has spent the last 2 years leading and growing Systems Change capabilities within the childrens and youth sector at The Children’s Society and at Barnardos.


Prior to this worked in social impact, with the public sector, foundations, charities and NGOs, in the UK and globally.

Keen to join our team?

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