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British Red Cross

Developing strategy in a rapidly changing environment


In a rapidly changing social, economic and political landscape, The British Red Cross approached us to support with the development of their vision, mission and strategy across three key pillars of their work: Current Affairs, Migration & Displacement and Disasters & Emergencies.


We worked closely with the whole team to develop a shared understanding of the required outcomes of the work and the needs of all participants. We knew this work would require a deeply relational approach to enable the type of open conversations necessary. Additionally, in order to facilitate the type of creative and empathic thinking we agreed to use a number of psycho technologies to achieve this.


Working rapidly and often playfully over four days, participants engaged in mirroring, constellations and guided meditations to create ambitious, collectively held visions for the future. We then co-designed and supported a process for the senior ops team to develop, prototype and iterate a set of vision statements, missions and 90 day action plans for them to work on immediately. This rapid design thinking approach to strategic development enables teams to become agile in changing environments - reassessing and adjusting their course every 90 days, as necessary.

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