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Human connection. The most powerful tool you have.

We've spent the last six years leading the field of relational design. Our work and research has shown that when people come together in high connection with others they tend to:

​Want to repeat the experience, whatever it is

Do the best work they’re capable of

Experience better mental and physical health

​Find solutions to intractable problems

​Flex creatively as situations change from their expectations

Support others to develop and grow

​Resolve potential conflicts effectively and creatively

Designing for connection

Commissioned by Catalyst and CAST, we designed a comprehensive suite of tools to design for greater human connection in all types of services, cultures and environments. We call it The Framework.

Framework cleaned up_edited.jpg

It was awarded the Judges' Pick at the 2021 London Design Biennale and we've now delivered work based on it for clients like Google, Stanford Innovation, YMCA, Barnardo’s and Grosvenor International. 

woman placing sticky notes on wall_edite

And guess what?

It's free for you to download and use.

Inside you'll find

Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 11.50.57.png
The five conditions you'll need to foster for human connection to flourish
A deck of 40 method cards that support each condition
Method cards.png
Editable design templates.png
Editable design templates to map and plan your work
10 design principles to guide you
10 principles.png
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