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Catch 22

Digital Transformation / using tech to improve vulnerable young people's experience


We supported Catch22, a renowned UK youth charity, through a process of digital transformation. We were asked to explore both systems level digital opportunties and immediate ways they could leverage digital to support a particular service - supporting young people at risk of sexual exploitation during the Covid-19 pandemic.


We carried out extensive user research, stakeholder engagement and established a young people's design team to work alongside us in exploring the problem space.

The research identified that young people needed a sense of clarity, confidence, control and trust in advance of their first interaction with the Catch 22 key workers. Working with our young designers team, we found that by repurposing an off-the-shelf video survey tool, users were able to have a two-way interaction before ever meeting - with key workers sharing details about themselves, potential services available to young people, consulting on how the young person would like to meet (e.g phone or WhatsApp) and even what they would like to do when they meet (e.g. go for a coffee or for a drive).

Testing this with users we found they undertood more about what was on offer, had a greater sense of control over how and when to meet. They felt more confident in taking the next steps and a greater level of trust in Catch22 and the key worker.


  • Ways of Digital Working Guidelines

  • A Ways of Digital Working learning session and materials

  • A pre-engagement tested Process Prototype 

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