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We use transformative design to solve 21st century problems

Deepr is an award-winning design and innovation consultancy. We bring fresh thinking and practice to our clients' difficult problems.


We work end-to-end, from identifying the real issues through to launch and scale of solutions. Our approach consists of three methodologies.

Design thinking 

This governs all of our work. Design thinking is a low risk, high success approach that enables us to navigate rapidly changing environments with confidence. We apply it to products, services, cultures, strategies, conflicts, communities, learning experiences...

Relationships first

We use our Human Connection Framework to foster warm, meaningful interactions amongst clients' teams, customers, patients, clients or users. It is the biggest opportunity you have to create impact - whether that’s developing trust, increasing sales, building a world class team or introducing organisational change. 


Our analytical, 'front end' brains are great for some things but not everything. We employ mind-body practices and behavioural insights to enable flow, deep cultural shift and unbounded imagination within teams. This supports the development of breakthrough solutions when incremental improvement is not enough.

"Holly and Matt brought a wonderful energy, modelling the approach and coaching the participants. The skills built from applying the methods have enabled teams across Google to collaborate far more effectively.”

Kai Haley, Head of User Experience Design Community & Culture, Google

Our partners

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