We can improve everything by focusing on human connection

Whether you’re interested in outperforming the competition, having a positive impact on your people or playing your part in creating a sustainable future - human connection is the most powerful lever you have for achieving it.

Why human connection?

We are a research-led, agile-working, high-performing design team. In addition to all of this we optimise for human connection because it:​​

  • Enables people to perform to the best of their ability with an extraordinary level of regard for customer and team experience

  • Generates rich experience and wellbeing - and we all want those

  • Supports people to think more ‘we’ than ‘me’ - the mindset fit for a sustainable future

How to optimise for human connection

Organisations and services run better when they meet the Five Conditions for Human Connection. If you want to improve how your service, system or organisation functions, you can:

1. Work with us

If your challenge involves people (e.g. customers, teams, patients, clients, passengers etc), we can probably help.

2. Use our framework

We’ve codified some of our practice so you can design for human connection yourself.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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